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5 Reasons to Make New Friends


Old friends are like your favorite jeans. They are reliable, habitual and undemanding. They are always there for you but still not too pushy. Strong friendship is a great value that should be protected and cared about. But it is also useful to get acquainted with new people, who will help to make your life more interesting and bright.

Here are five reasons why it is so useful to make new friends and expand your social circle, still without losing your good old friends:

1. New people is widening your horizons. Getting acquainted with interesting people we obtain new opportunities both physical and spiritual or personal. That's our new friends who’s pushing us towards new ideas, hobbies and interests. For example, you can go to some unusual place to visit your new friend or try some kind of unusual craft together.

2. New friends are able to discover your talents and awaken the abilities, the existence of which you couldn’t even think about. In return you have the opportunity to share your knowledge, kindness and positive thinking with them.

3. Every new friend comes into your life with a new circle of people and, as a result, you can find even more new friends, and therefore new opportunities.

4. Communicating with new people is usually more difficult than with those you know for a long time. It makes you leave the comfort zone for some amount of time, which is very useful for your professional and personal development.

5. New acquaintances also give you the ability to start a new life in some way and forget about old mistakes. For example, it is very unlikely for someone among your new friends to know how you were mocked at as a child or whom you bullied at the university.

So go for it and start making new acquaintances and do not be afraid of changes. And to make sure that these changes won’t be too hasty and extreme, you can choose whether to get acquainted anonymously or openly. Download the new Radius messenger and find interesting people right away. Open up new possibilities for communication.

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