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7 Tips How To Start a Conversation In Radius


Nowadays approaching strangers in the street is not quite polite, and what is more – it is not very safe. Natural shyness should be taken into consideration as well. With Radius you can always start an anonymous conversation in one of the channel. We offer you 7 tips on how to start a dialogue and make your conversation bright and original.

1. Ask questions

This is the easiest and most common way to start a new conversation. Entering one of the public chat rooms, ask people about the atmosphere in that place, what’s interesting going on or whether it’s worth going there. Anyway, you can learn lots of things interesting to you! Ask anything you want and enjoy communication with different people.

2. Be original

Of course, you can write "hello, how are you", but with such phrases you are unlikely to stand out among the other participants of the chat. So if you are determined to start an interesting dialogue - be original. Think carefully about the first message and the impression you want to make. Playful question or joke in the context of the existing conversation will draw attention to you. No clichés and trite phrases, try to arouse interest.

3. Use surrounding objects as a clue for a talk

If you sit in a cafe or some other place, you can easily write about interesting and exciting things that are going on around you. I bet you noticed something special! Surprise everyone with your power of observation.

Use the things that are happening around to make a conversation and not to discuss some personal issues from the very beginning. In such a way you will create an atmosphere of comfort around you and you can "break the ice".

4. Ask for advice or help

With Radius you can always ask for advice from other people, for example, about interesting events on the weekend or a great place to eat out. Often a question or simply a request for assistance turns into a long and fascinating conversation.

Why does it work? Because people like to help. It gives them a sense of importance, a feeling that they have done something useful. Your positive reaction and your gratitude will give them a joyful awareness that they have given a helping hand to a good man, and made the world a little better and kinder.

5. Do not ask too many questions

Once you have moved from chat on the map to a private dialogue, try to maintain a relaxed conversation. Talk about general topics, look at the reaction of the interlocutor, his or her sense of humor and literacy. You will have a chance to ask personal questions later when communication will grow into something bigger. At the beginning of the conversation this can be understood only as a faux pas.

6. Do not insist on exchanging phone numbers / personal meeting

If your new friend does not offer you to meet or even exchange phone numbers, do not blame him or her or insist on that. Perhaps this person has a reason not to get closer and you probably won’t ever get to know this reason, but pleasant communication will definitely come to an end in such circumstances.

7. Do not be intrusive

Where is this line, crossing which you become intrusive? One or two posts a day - it is normal, 5 and more - this is too much? The point is that if you sent the message with no response, you can make another try. However, in case the second message is ignored, it's high time to retreat. The same rule can be applied to public chats. Active communication, sharing experiences, discussions and keeping in touch all the time is great. Quite another thing is when your messages are mostly ignored or responded with “yes” or “no” once a week.

What else to say? The main advantage of virtual communication is that nobody owes anybody anything. Communication can be stopped at any moment or, vice versa, be transferred to real life. Communicating in the chat you have a great opportunity to get to know a person and get a certain impression of him/her. The main point - don’t be shy, get acquainted, communicate and have fun with Radius!

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