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How to react to insults over the Internet?


In the age of the Internet, people easily get involved in different discussions, hiding behind their computer screens. Insulting other people, they are trying to show their superiority. All of us have witnessed a similar situation or even participated in it. Dubious pleasure, isn’t it? It is important to understand that in fact you can easily avoid insults over the Internet or just react to them easier, not taking them personally. Radius will tell you some practical advice on how to react to insults in the network.

1. Remember - everyone has his own opinion

It would be nice to be right in all the discussions, but you have to remember that any other idea has a right to exist, regardless of whether you like it or not. But not all people are able to understand and accept this truth, so you shouldn’t get upset by the fact that someone disagrees with you or responds to your opinion in a rude way. Always remember, "The inability to perceive other points of view makes narrow minded people humiliate opponents in order to prove their supremacy."

2. Ask yourself – am I right in this situation?

As the famous saying goes – “live and learn”. And finally you will obtain the understanding that you can’t know everything. Only shallow people consider themselves to be the ultimate truth. It is normal to make mistakes and in our life anything can happen. Therefore, instead of endlessly pushing through your opinion, ask yourself once again whether you are 100% right in this situation.

3. Some people are “born for scandals”

There is a category of people who won’t miss a chance to take part in a conflict as they get some kind of satisfaction from it. It is their way to express themselves. It case they have no arguments left to prove their point of view they start offending people and being extremely rude. Their main goal is to annoy you and make you lose your temper. They are not interested in adequate discussion and finding some common ground. Do not respond to such kind of provocation, it’s not worth it.

4. The opinion of unknown person – is it that important?

Don’t you think that there is no need to worry too much because of what he says or thinks the person whom you have never seen and probably never see? There is no point in wasting your energy on negative emotions caused by a person who does not play a special role in your life.

5. Everyone has his own objective

Every person who writes you something has a specific purpose - a pleasant conversation or just the opposite. When somebody becomes rood in conversation, ask yourself what your purpose is and whether it is necessary to respond in such situation. Whether you need it or not and what you are trying to achieve. It is very unlikely that you will be able to persuade a stubborn interlocutor and there are very little chances for a discussion with a rude person to turn into a pleasant and useful conversation.

The correct response to provocateurs forms over some time. Gradually you will begin to determine a starting argument and learn how to end the unpleasant conversation painlessly. There is an Indian proverb: "A fool can be identified by the following: he gets angry for no reason, he talks with no purpose, he interferes in what does not concern him and he is unable to distinguish who wishes him good and who - bad". We wish you to identify those fools quickly and avoid bad communication. Be sensible, discreet, wise and stay in Radius, because all the best is yet to come.

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