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Radius Messenger

Radius messenger is a free quick messages application, which has no hidden purchases and advertising.

The name Radius is a symbol. It’s simple and recognizable by the users.

Radius is the distance from the center from a circle to a point on the circle.

How many radii could be drawn in the circle? Dozens.

You are a center. And there are a lot of points so as people you can communicate with.

Messenger is available for download and use for all countries of the world.

Radius runs on all iOS devices with version 8.0 and higher, and Android 4.1 and higher.

Desktop version for computers and laptops can be downloaded at the website: available for Windows, MacOS, Linux.

For iOS - you can download the application from the AppStore.

For Android - you can download the application from the Play Store.

After you’ve downloaded the app onto your device and logged in it, enter your phone number. The messenger uses the number as an identifier - you’ll get an sms with the access code. All Radius users from your contacts will be automatically added to the contacts list of Radius.

The main difference of Radius versions for iOS and Android is design. The functions and possibilities don’t differ.

Text messages - up to 4000 symbols.

Images - up to 10 at once. 1 picture size - up to 10 MB. Extensions: JPEG, PNG.


Files - up to 10 MB. You can send files: as those on your phone as well those located in the cloud storages: icloud, google drive, dropbox.

Geo-location - your current location messaging.

Meanwhile, only messaging is possible.

To all the Radius users from your contacts.

Yes, the messenger can work correctly at several devices simultaneously.

To invite a friend to Radius, choose his name in the contacts list and click “Invite to Radius”. You will have to send a message to your friend after which he will get the invitation with the link to the messenger website. There he will be able to choose the suitable version of the app for his phone.

To create a group click “Create” in “Chats’’ in the right upper corner. Mark people you want to communicate with in group.

Only administrator of the group can rename it. Choose “Settings” in the right upper corner of the group chat. Choose “change”. Enter a new name.

Here you can change your profile image, choosing the photo or image from your device.

Yes, you can create two profiles in Radius: general and anonymous.

The General profile - is the one used to communicate privately or in groups.

Anonymous profile - is the one used for communication in the channels.

General profile - is a profile used for communication with your contacts list. It is available only for those, who added your telephone number to a contact list.

Anonymous profile - is a profile used for communication in channels. You can choose any nickname to stay anonymous.

Radius is a new form of communication. Now you can find there different channels, like: News, Online personals (Dating), Real estate, Discounts, ect.  Choose the one you like, join and communicate using your anonymous profile! Having joined a channel  you can see 500 last messages.

No, messaging in channels is possible only via the anonymous profile. If you wish you may enter your real personal data in the anonymous profile.

Yes, you may communicate with other anonymous profile users from your anonymous profile. Note, that in this case the function of group creation is not available.

It’s possible to communicate only via the anonymous profile in the channel, using any nickname. Phone numbers of the channel users are hidden. Nobody can see or get your number unless you want to show it.

Yes, to do this click “Create a channel” in the application on your mobile phone or computer. Add the information about the channel. You’ll get the confirmation about the successful creation of the new channel from Radius support team within 48 hours.

User’s status can be displayed as “Online” and “Offline’’.

Yes, to edit your personal data or nickname, go to “Settings”, choose a profile you would like to change, tap “Edit”. Change the name and/or profile image, nickname.

To delete the message tap on it and hold it for several seconds. When choosing your message the options “Copy”, “Delete” are available. When choosing another user’s message - “Copy”, “Delete” and “Complain”.

Yes. In a private dialogue with this person tap on “Block” in the right upper corner. You can unblock a person in the same way.

Tap on the abusive content and hold it several seconds, “Complain” function will appear. Fill in the complaint report fields with appropriate data, send the report. Within 24 hours your complaint will be reviewed by Radius support team.

Here we created a totally new format of communication - channels, where you can chat with new interesting people using your anonymous profile.

In “Channels” menu you can find a channel that fits your interests.

You can add a user to your Radius contact list only if a he gives you his phone number.

To block a contact from your list, choose it and and click "Block". To unblock it, go to "Settings" menu, choose "List of blocked users", and click "Unblock" on a chosen user.

Radius has no function to hide your online/offline status or hide a "Typing..." informer.

Mobile app: all images are saved to Radius folder in your Gallery.


1. Images are saved to the default Radius folder

2. User can change a folder for saving downloaded data.

3. User can choose an option to "Ask where to save before downloading".

You can not do it. You can create a new account in Radius, connected to a new number.

To do this you should logout in "Settings" menu, and then create a new account with another number.

First of all - find out the reason: lack of memory, or incompatibility with you device. In the first case - make sure you have enough memory and try again. In the second one downloading the app is impossible.

To send a document click on "Attach file" and choose a document you want to attach.

You can save documents only on mobile platforms, later this function will be added in a desktop version.

You can't do it directly, but you can send all the necessary text and smiles in following messages.

There can be several problems with sending/downloading files: bad internet connection, wrong time and date settings, problems with your SD card or lack of free memory. Try to fix issues mentioned before, and try again. If it didn't help -  write us on support@radius.im or get in touch with us in any convenient way.

Having a new phone with a new SIM-card means you will have to create a new account with a new number.

To do this go to “Favourite channels” and press the star in upper right corner or in the settings of the channel.

All your history is saved on your account. All you need to do is to log in on a new device.

One of the reasons could be bad Internet connection. In case you have a good internet connection, but there is still a problem - write us on support@radius.im or get in touch with us in any convenient way.

No, it is impossible to restore deleted messages in Radius.

No, this function is absent in Radius.

 Radius is available for Windows, MacOS and Linux.

No, All the functions and possibilities are identical for all operating systems.

Yes, you can send messages to all Radius users, on any platform.

Beside the synchronisation of all Radius messages and contacts, desktop version has online/offline informer, you can choose a place to save downloaded files. Also you can choose automatic updates install in settings menu.

Yes, you can. Click on Settings button , in the upper right corner and choose a profile you want to change.

Only those contacts, who have Radius installed.

No, at this moment you can create channels only with your mobile app or at Radius website. This function will be added in further updates.

Go to "Chats" and click on a new dialogue icon. Choose friends you want to add to this conversation, choose a name and click "Create".

No, this can only be done using your smartphone. Desktop version of Radius has only those contacts who are already Radius users.

Right click on a message, and choose "Delete".

Right click on a message, and choose "Report".

Right click on a message. If it is you message, you will have the following options: "Copy", "Delete". If it is a message from another person: "Copy", "Delete", "Report".

You can leave feedback or suggestion on our social media pages, by email or using feedback form on our website or in an application.

You can email us on support@radius.im or use a feedback form on our website. You will get an answer within 48 hours.

To report inappropriate content - right click on a message, and choose "Report". There will appear a window, where you enter your name, email, choose the topic and describe  your issue. After pre moderation it will be reviewed by our support team within 24 hours.

Radius has Facebook (facebook.com/RadiusMessenger), Vk (vk.com/radius_messenger) and Instagram (instagram.com/radius_messenger) pages.

Yes, after you send us your channel request, you will receive a notification about it being moderated. If it is accepted we will send you an email, about your channel being created within 48 hours.

We update Radius every month.